Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's That Time of the Month

When I get to cheat on my diet, of course. What did you think I was talking about?

S'mores Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Found this recipe over at Picky Palate. I'm not going to share it with you. I'm just going to make you wish you were here. Here with a big glass of milk. You can hop over there and get if you like. I'm too lazy to type all of it out. Or copy and paste. It's probably due to the massive blood sugar spike and subsequent drop from eating one of those cookies.

Anything that starts off with two kinds of sugar is alright in my book. And the perfect way to totally ruin a diet. Which was my plan since I only get to do it twice a month.

And then you add the butta because butta makes everything betta.

While that's mixing, it's the perfect time to assemble the S'mores. Yes. Real S'mores. We are actually stuffing them inside the cookie. For real.

It's nice to have a helper for this part. In my case, it was my 7 year old. And if you're a dork like me and you break the graham crackers into halves, then your 7 year old will tell you, 'Mom, these are halves. The recipe says they are suppose to be in fourths', and you'll feel stupid and proud all at the same time.

There. Nice, eh?

Now, you and your helper can head back over to the mixer and add the rest of the ingredients. If your helper is little, make sure they are very, very careful with the mixer, especially those stand mixers.

They can, and will, take your arm off at the elbow. Or your finger. Whichever you're unlucky enough to get caught in there. So be careful. Respect the power of the mixer.

And, personally, I only allow my helper to use setting number one.

Still, tiny hands can slip or judgement can be impaired at the thought of consuming all that sugar and accidents will happen, so never them leave them unattended.

Then you do something that can only be described as ri-damn-diculous.

I had to take a picture with the box of pudding mix to give you an idea just how massive they are. The recipe is suppose to make 12. I wound up with 10. I tried borrowing from one to give to the other but then I just figured 10 is enough. If you made these often enough, and lived through the massive coronary that occured as a result, you'd probably have a good idea how much dough to use in order to make 12. But again, 10 is quite enough.

I mean look at those monsters! I've gotta tell ya, I think I checked them every 30 seconds. I was sure I'd come back to find what looked like a marshmallow bomb had gone off in my oven. But in about 17 minutes I was rewarded with this....

Yes my friends, it is another successful, diet-ruining day.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sleep off this diabetic coma.


  1. Oh, my friggin gosh!!! 2 kinds of sugar...fine....2 sticks of butta....of course.....but when I saw them all stacked up choc chip cookie dough, smore, more cookie dough...I nearly fainted!!! I bet they were incredible!!! Yikes, know how to live those 2 x a month, don't you?!...haha!!!

    Thanks for coming by the old blog! You said you wanted one of those kitties...really? I'll make you an offer you can't refuse....or we can do a trade? Just let me know :D

    Now I've gotta go raid every corner of the pantry to find some random sweet morsel....those pics got me!

  2. Ohjeezuschrist.
    that looks good.


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