Saturday, March 12, 2011

I want, I want, I GOT

It's been one of those kinds of weekends. There's so much to do and there's not enough coffee in this world to help me get it done. The good news is I bought myself a present.

It arrived 3 days ago. I have managed to take it out of the box.

In order to do anything with it, I would have to read the directions. I suck at reading directions. I mean, I really hate reading directions and this is just one of those times I simply have to.

It would have also helped if I had paid attention when ordering.

I might have realized that they would be sending me a $10 "download" card and NOT a $10 shop credit to use as I pleased.

Because it would have been handy to have some of that iron-on transfer stuff for this project. I waited to order it thinking I'd just use my $10 store credit to purchase it. Dork. I wound up having to paint it on. With my actual hands. The hard way.

And in case you're wondering why I bought the darn thing in the first place, aside from the fact that I tried unsuccessfully to win it like 35 times, it's an essential tool. Says so right there on the box.


  1. I hate reading instructions too.. I really really do. And I would love one of those machines!
    Adorable babe :O)

    Good luck with reading everything!

  2. Oh my God. I have essential tools too!
    Do you have a bunch for your kitchen? I do. I have more essential tools than wineglasses. That really says something.
    Can't your husband read the directions and give you a demo? Jeez, he needs to get moving on this stuff.
    If my beloved didn't do that stuff for me, I wouldn't know how to use Any of my essential tools.
    Tell your huz he has to set it all up, right now, and he has to learn how to use it and give you a demo. Then, if he Ever touches it again after you understand how to use it, you can scream at him.
    Wait. That's just what I do. You may have another method for getting stuff done.

  3. The sheer fact that you've been coveting one of these babies will get you reading that darn manual....maybe have the Hubby set it up though....I agree with Amy :)

  4. This was funny, because I picture you winning one now! I love the baby face...good luck with those directions!



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