Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday, Bloody Monday

You know, bloody. As in it's Monday and I have too bloody much to do. And I didn't get enough bloody sleep last night. Or, my child is growing up too bloody fast. That kind of bloody.

Of course, it's also bloody, as in my child has a loose tooth.

These days I'm getting entirely too many questions on the whole Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny issues and frankly it's a little heartbreaking. I mean, of course there's a Santa Claus. And a Tooth Fairy.

Well today the Tooth Fairy had had enough. She easily made a believer out of a way-too-bloody-skeptical-for-his-age (in my opinion) little boy. Conveniently she knew he had a loose tooth whose departure was imminent. And then look what showed up in our mailbox!

It even showed up with personalized tags and everything.

We spent the remainder of the day writing apology letters to the Tooth Fairy for lack of faith and tugging on that loose tooth.

Now, we just have to get the bloody thing to come out.


  1. Apologies to the Tooth Fairy! That's great :D

  2. Heh.
    My kids are big. I mean, totally not little like that, and I SWEAR I didn't have problems with a believer until she was 13 years old.
    They just didn't question.
    You know,
    I tell them...
    you gotta believe to receive.
    No believe-y, no receive-y.

  3. No believe-y, no receive-y! Amen!

    You know what's sad is, it's not that he doesn't believe. It's that HE really wants to and those rotten kids at school are telling him they don't exist.


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