Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW)

Can you call it your work "desk" if it is, indeed, on the floor? Perhaps.

Can you call it "work" if you will, in fact, never make a dime?
Possibly. I mean there is work involved even if I am not staying on task and doing my "job". You know, that stuff you get paid for doing.

Well, let's hope so at least, because I may or may not have already violated the "desk" portion of WOYWW.

Magazines get me into trouble. Not just because I spend entirely too much money on obtaining them. Also, not just because they pile up all over since I fail to read them in a timely manner. And certainly not just because they have from scratch cinnamon roll recipes on the inside and I do not need to eat cinnamon rolls. Or cakes. Or Cookies. Ever. No really. EVER.

But mostly because I do not need help coming up with project ideas. I have too many of my own and never enough time to do them all. However, that does not stop me from discovering new ones in aforementioned magazines and attempting them. All.

And then there's the whole problem of the project costing more to make than it would just to buy. But you (meaning I) still want to make it anyway. Like this cupcake stand. I am totally making that.

I used to just get your average "home" and "recipe" magazines. Then I ran into the problem of wanting things I could not afford. Unfortunately, that did not stop me from wanting them. Being the innovator that I am, I decide, well, if I can't afford to buy it, perhaps I can make it. Because, you know, I don't have enough to do already. Let's make a coffee table.

That's when I discovered these magazines. Not just the ones that made me want something that I could not have but the ones that showed me how to make that which I wanted but could not afford. And they also coerce me into making that which I did not even know I wanted. But I digress.

I distinctly remember the day I told my husband, 'Let's make a coffee table out of wooden pallets". He looked at me the way he always does when I have another of my crazy ideas (like doing my hair in dreads - which I swear, when it gets longer, I will do). Maybe if I ignore her, she will forget and move on to something less....crazy.

But then there's this. Isn't it a beaut? I really love it when I'm right.

And then this. We picked it up at a junk shop. It had that wood like veneer in a (I'm as good as wood, behold my wood-like grain) brown.

He says to me, 'J, I don't think this is going to work'. Psssh. He should know by now I consider that a challenge.

Here are the bar stools we picked up at a garage sale for $10. Ever the skeptic (what is it with the guys in my house?) he tells me they aren't going to look good. When will he learn? Sorry I don't have a before pic of these. You'll just have to believe me when I tell you they were ugly. But you wouldn't believe that now, right? Right.

But he humors me. This is my Valentine's present. A drill. And my own tool set. Yes. For Valentine's Day. Because if you live with a man you know you can never find the tools because they are not where they are suppose to be. If you have your own set you don't have to mumble curse words under your breath so your kids won't hear while you're searching for the measuring tape. Hammer. Drill. Level.

I do like the hammer that I had before more than I like the one that came with this kit. The new one is too big and heavy. Mine I hijacked from the Lowe's Build and Grow program. It is made for little hands. Maybe not my little hands, but it's perfect so I'm keeping it.

Today, we (meaning me) are making a tree out of MDF to hang on the wall in my son's nursery. So far, my husband has not questioned this project. Perhaps he has learned his lesson?

That's my "Work" "Desk" Wednesday. And then some.

**You can play, too. Click WOYWW for info.


  1. 1. I canNOT find my husband's tools. We have had So Many fights about this over the years because he puts them whereverish. I have my own. Which is manly and sad - but necessary.
    2. I LOve the wood pallet table.
    3. I don't say the curse words under my breath. I say them. A lot. When my kids were old enough I gave them a swearing license as long as they knew when to use it and when not to. Do you know that amazingly, Neither of my kids curse. It makes no sense.
    4. You really shouldn't wait too long to put your hair in dreads because I canNot tell you how much easier it would have been with a manageable length hair.
    Definitely talk to me Before you dread. Actually, so many people ask about them and are totally misinformed that I have made some dread videos. Because i don't want you losing your hair.

  2. WOW - that's a great tale of projects . . . love the results!

    Hugs, Sandra

  3. I too have my own tools. I swear my husband steals mine sometimes. I ended up putting nail polish on some of mine to identify them, because they would mysteriously disappear and end up in my husband's possesion. Love all the stuff you have going on!

  4. I have my own tools also. My husband locks his up and borrows mine. I think he has tool envy cause I own a dremel and lots of other fun things. I marked all mine also. Maybe I should lock them up? Thanks for sharing! Vickie #69

  5. Me & Beloved Husband are the complete opposite! He is positively obsessive about everything going back where it came from, especially with his tools, and absolutely refuses to set foot in my craft room on Health & Safety grounds,lol. Shaz #118

  6. I think I am following Shaz down the list today. I do not have a problem with my tools, other than I am too untidy to be able find where I put them last.

  7. I have my own tool box too. I even own a bandsaw!! Haven't used it in years but I used to. Love how you can see the potential in things. Thanks for the peek. #100

  8. Do you rent your husband out at all? I often get ideas and he just walks away from me shaking his head! The tools are here but I just need my husband to give it a go!!

  9. Love all your project - me and DH share tools as we are both tidy freaks so always put things back - a few months ago I showed my garage with all the tools hanging - I am sad I love tools even when people think its strange the at DH gets me a new trolley jack and stand for Christmas lol - have fun creating ~ Nicky 2


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