Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Fab Four Get A Makeover - Part Deux

After getting rid of that pile of old, sticky clothes, the girls went for their "spa" treatment.

I love those pretty little medallions. They're gonna look great with some light distressing later.

I think I could probably have skipped the sanding here because I don't plan on restaining the chairs. But I did it anyway for good measure.

After a thorough sanding, the girls needed a bit of patching up. Not because they aren't good solid chairs but they did have some gaps here and there and that made them creak and sqeak when you sat on them. The last thing I wanted, once I had them all gussied up, was to have my guests sit on them and wonder if they were sturdy.

I had to decide how I was going to get the glue down in those gaps without taking the chairs apart. I finally decided if I put some wood glue into a plastic baggie then I would be able to slip it into the gap and squeeze in the glue.

I borrowed some of my husband's tie down straps and wrapped them around the chairs, wiped up the excess glue that pushed out and waited for them to dry...

Stick around for Part 3, A New Wardrobe & A Fresh Face {Reupholstering & Painting Chairs}

In the meantime, here's another sneak peek at "the other" project I'm working on!


  1. you know, sand paper stresses me out a bit. I hate the way it feels. Like, when you are doing a transfer and have to rub rub rub the paper off - that pisses me off in nearly the same way as sandpaper.
    So i bet you didn't sand that. I bet you made the manperson do it.

    Bleh. It's hot as hell. Global warming hot.


  2. and...

    **Jamie Lott said...
    Well. What I would like to know is

    Are you wearing anything UNDER the bag??? Hmmm???**

    Wouldn't You like to know missus.

    now i see you've started a new blog.
    me too.

    i am going through some weird change it all sort of thing, no?


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