Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's on MY Workdesk Wednesday? A Project of course!

Here I go breaking the rules again. But really, I think the grass does count as your work desk. It does today anyway.

Putty. Sand. Putty. Sand. Sand. Sand. I'm ready to paint, paint, paint! I cannot wait!
Tutorial & Reveal Coming Soon

Gahhhh Don't you love her??? I love her. She needs a name.


Say Hello to Wednesday's helper. Helpfully rearranging Mommy's magazines while she blogs.

And....if you're up for a trip to the U.K. (I know I am!) Go visit Julia over at the Stamping Ground. The awesomeness behind WOYWW.


  1. Looking forward to this one!

  2. Great project and fab little cutie!!

  3. why not go outdoors with the table - it looks like you have great weather, she is clever rearranging your magazines, Thank you for sharing, Happy WOYWW 105, #22 (please do check out my blog candy)

  4. Hi Jamie,

    you need a sign saying DO NOT KEEP OFF THE GRASS

    and "this is MY table"

    looking forward to a summer of a million projects,


  5. what a cutie . . your little one, not the table, but i look forward to seeing the result, the table, not the magazine mess

  6. I think you should call her Stella :) Don't know why, it just sounds right....elgegant, strong and dependable :D XXX

  7. Good to see you are training a new crafter for the future. Dying to see what that table is going to be for.

  8. I'm drooling a little, I can't WAIT to see the tutorial...I see a new kitchen table in my future :D


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