Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Momma Always Said...

.....You can write and you should keep doing it! I used to write poetry when I was in elementary school and that lasted until sometime in high school. I don't know whether I was any good at it. Mom's can be biased.

I have toyed with the idea of writing to Stephen King. I love his books! I have a story I want to share with him and I am convinced that if he'd just read my letter he and I would be working on a book deal by the end of the year.

When I was younger and would have friends over for the night my mom always told the story of the ghoul - it's a true story. When she was growing up there was a creature who would dig up fresh graves of young women and consume parts of their bodies. I kid you not!! It was even in the local papers. No one could figure out how the thing got into the graves without equipment and there was no evidence any had been used. Then there's the problem of consuming the bodies when they contained embalming fluid.....and living. And since the marks on the bodies were determined to be teeth marks, something was defying all odds and living to do it again. Eventually the thing went away. Mom always said she thought it had returned to the sea from where she believed it came. Police had tried tracking it on horseback or with dogs. The animals would not follow the inches deep footprints the thing left behind. So noone really knows where it came from or better yet.....where it went to. I wouldn't believe it either if I were you but my mother never lied.

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  1. I agree with that "saving it for good" deal that my mom taught me, or tried to. When she was with her own mom during her last days, her mom exprressed regret that she had saved too many things "for good" and never really enjoyed them. She vowed to be different herself from then on....but I still baffle her!

    As for your book, you should write it yourself! Lots of colleges and universities offer creative writing workshops. There are many books too. Maybe even King himself has written one. I think I remember seeing it. Orsen Scott Card has written one. He has written horror, science fiction, Biblical works and texts. Check it out.

    When you are retired to your rocker, do not wonder what you could have accomplished in your lifetime if you had really tried. You have one lifetime, do not save it for good.


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