Saturday, January 8, 2011

Debuting a New Look

Blog overhaul is all done! Now it's time to really get to work. So, whattaya think?


  1. fantasitcal!!!!!! Looks great...& a Happy New Year to you too!!! Nice to see you back...looking forward to seeing you create! Hugs Susan

  2. I love your new look Jamie!
    It's so clean and easy on the eyes =)
    One of my favorite features is, I can turn on your music if I so wish to. =)

    Thank You!

  3. LOVE IT! Nice. Of course, the designer in me is curious as to the new font...very charming! :)

  4. Thanks everyone!! I had fun doing it. Alot of late nights though. I surprised myself. Glad I did it. I think it's cleaner and easier on the eye and I'm so excited I did it on my own. I had debated on paying someone to design one for me and I just couldn't do it. So I'm glad I gave it a try myself.

    Zan, I got my fonts over at's Peas for Fonts site. I used Baby Bowser and Diggs My Hart. And I think I might have used one of the Peas fonts too but can remember for sure. I'd be glad to look and see if you like. I love fonts!


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