Friday, January 21, 2011

Foto Friday

I got a new camera for Christmas. Santa brought me my very own DSLR....and I haven't the slightest idea what I'm doing with it. But I've been playing around with it and scouring the Internet for tutorials. I can't say I've gotten any better than when I first started but I sure am having a ball.

Finding all these great sites with wonderful tutorials and great ideas got me to thinking it might be nice to do a Foto Friday here on Peach Street. I can share with you some of my practice shots, tutorials I've found helpful and maybe even some interesting ideas, too. And it would be even more terrific if you'd play along, you know, share some of your pics, too.

There is no doubt in my mind why my "Santa" willingly plunked down such a significant chunk of change on my behalf this Christmas. And it is this: 'Maybe if I buy her her own fancy camera she'll stop giving ridiculous sums of money to photographers to take pictures of our kids'. Well, it was a nice idea. The problem is, I actually have to learn to use it first. That, and I wonder if he has any idea how very, very, very expensive this hobby can be. Shhhh...let's not tell him.

I love those close up pictures, like baby feet, where the tiny feet are in focus but everything around them is blurry. It makes the subject of the photo even more interesting. Apparently it has something to do with aperture. Now, if you, like me, are wondering, what the heck is an aperture?, then you're gonna love the tutorial I found over at The Pioneer Woman: What the heck is an Aperture. Why don't you head over and see if you can figure it out, then come on back and we'll see if we can accomplish it together. See ya next Friday!

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