Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Day the Music Died

'Singing bye-bye Miss Amer....'

Oh! Yeah. I said the music died.

It's a controversial, heatedly debated topic, I know. Music or No Music on your blog. If you've visited before, you know that, in the past, I was in favor of music. Honestly I couldn't imagine my blog without it. I love music on blogs. Well...I love my music on my blog. I could do without Guns and Roses while trying to read - not that I don't like a little GNR every now and again but then that's your thing, not mine. And that's when the light went on.

Maybe, horror of horrors, you don't like my music! Or, maybe you're already rocking-out to Pandora playing Jack Johnson on that new TV you got for Christmas because you think it's so cool that you can listen to internet radio on your TV, while simultaneously using said internet to work on your computer, and you'll make any excuse to use it. Well, if that's the case, you'll be pleased to discover there will no longer be music playing while visiting my blog. Because, truth be told, I'd rather you be happy and stick around for a while and maybe, just maybe, decide to buy a little something while you're here. That makes me happier'n music any ol' day and it makes my boys happy too because heaven knows the amount of milk they drink around here gets expensive.

But if you miss my music, you too will be pleased to discover that if you scroll down to the bottom it's still there. You just have to turn it on yourself. Then you can listen til your heart's content....or not. It's up to you. I think they call this a compromise.

Have a Peach Street kinda day,


  1. Well this is a controversy, because while I say I don't care for the music, there are some blogs, like Bonnie's that has the big band playing and I don't mind that. It's the music that makes my brain scatter, and static that I turn it down, but it doesn't stop me from going there.

    Good one...

  2. Hey Jamie! I actually LOVED your music, probably because your taste was very similar to mine. And it was never loud or ruckus, either...I think that would be a bit disconcerting. In any case, I'll just mosey to the bottom of the blog and turn the player on :)

  3. The new blog looks great, Jamie. I'm glad that you made the decision you did about the music, not because of your musical taste. Since we're out in the country, with only shaky DSL, music can make the blog load really slowly, or sometimes not at all.
    XO Jan

  4. Awww I loved it too Zan! It was a tough choice for sure. I hope to have so much going on over the next year that we'll hardly miss it. In the meantime, I'll meet you at the bottom of the page! ;)

    Lisa my taste in music never stopped me from visiting anywhere either.

    Thanks for weighing in ya'll!

  5. See Jan! That makes me feel better! I was actually following the advice of the "professional" blog folks over at It's where I learned the nifty change my font tricks and such that I'm playing around with on my blog. I actually tampered with my html, learned to create a swf file and everything. Aren't ya proud! ;)

    Happy New Year Jan!

  6. Jamie, I too always enjoyed your music. It was beautifully tolerable =)
    Nothing worse for me then trying to read blogs with loud and earth shaking music playing.
    I either leave in a hurry or go straight to mute!
    Thank you for giving us a choice.

    Love and Hugs,

  7. I like being able to turn on the music myself. I was in my school library yesterday and went to a blog and the music started playing really loudly!!!! It didn't matter what the music was -- it was just loud. 30 kids were staring at me as I franticly tried to turn it off. Totally embarassing :)

  8. Audrey I'm glad you like it! I was stubborn for a while but was ready to let it go this time.

    I never got to surf the Internet when I was in school! Jealous. ;)


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