Sunday, January 23, 2011

Studio Saturday

Let's start this post with a disclaimer. First of all, I know it is not Saturday. In an effort to keep myself on track I've decided to begin Foto Friday, Studio Saturdays and Sale on Sundays. {Who knows what might happen the rest of the week}
Thing is, last night when I'd have otherwise been tucked into a nice warm blanket on the couch with my laptop in lap, happily blogging away, I was, in fact, on the side of the road in the middle of no where with a screaming baby while on my way home. So you're getting Studio Saturday now and Sale on it's still Sunday. Unless I find myself stuck on the side of the road again trying to comfort a baby who's as tired of being in the car as I am, in which case I can't promise you anything.

Studio Satrudays, in addition to keeping me on my toes, is designed to give you a peek at what's going on in the studio. I'd love to tell you that this Saturday was a mad flurry of preparation for my upcoming Art Show in May but that would be erroneous on so many levels. What I did was go to a party. A Baby is Coming party, otherwise known as a baby shower, for a beautiful baby girl named Sophie who's due to arrive in March. I did get in the studio this week to work on custom letters for her nursery, a pretty little birdie and minky fabric playmat and some cupcake washcloths because everyone knows little girls cannot have ordinary washcloths.

There was a mountain of gifts! And let's face it, at this point, especially in the thrid trimester, the gifts are what it's all about. Your back hurts, if you look in a mirror your face is unrecognizable and if you do anything besides walk to the bathroom your feet swell to 10 times their normal size. But who cares about your feet? You can no longer see them anyway. Baby gifts somehow seem to magically take those ailments away even if only for a little while. Here's hoping Sophie's mom is still on the baby gift high with her feet propped up.

***Sophie letters and other custom letters now available in my Etsy boutique shop***


  1. okay I'm following but don't have a password. You are INSANE! This basket is gorgeous. How do you do it? Everything looks so delicate and yummy and professional.

  2. Laura, you nut! You have to leave your name or else I'll think random people are calling me insane! LOL Oh and don't worry, you don't need a password.

    Thank you for your sweet compliments!


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